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Personal Profile

Riginair was formed by Mike Ayer and a couple of co-workers after a number of corporate jobs and projects led to companies seeking "off the books," initiatives, companies with needs that did not want to be seen hiring new staff or consultants, and so started years of confidential projects and assignments that continue through today. Our main leader is Mike, who is a proven sales, marketing and management executive, our teams are customized for each project, and sourced through a proprietary network of veteran execs from a variety of verticals.

Whether managing large teams, or small strike-force teams, a division or working in a player/coach role, Mike's global business and leadership skills are invaluable. Mike has experience working with the largest companies and agencies in the world, as well as start-ups, individuals, and organizations. Mike has consulted, partnered and managed several ventures, including the launch of consumer products, media properties, digital, search, eComm, franchises, patented products, books, social networking, mobile tech, etc. Mike studied marketing, business, and criminal justice while attending Widener University and Delaware Law School.  Mike has launched several CPG products, start-up businesses, patented products, franchises, cause related initiatives, is a global mentor and published author. Mike tends to hire only top tier brainiacs and seasoned field reps when staffing up for initiatives. Whether corporate intel assignments, acquisition investigations, or good old fashioned sales and marketing gigs, Mike has done it or seen it or both.

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